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Jewish Continuity Through Spiritual Enlightenment

Our Mission

Thousands of years ago we stood at the dawn of a dream. A dream to bring justice, morality, compassion and peace to the world. A world where all of humanity would live in unity and love. At Mount Sinai we began to strive toward that dream. There we, the Jewish People received our moral beliefs and made a covenant with G-d. We were sent on a mission to make this world into a better place and to be a light unto the nations. Over the centuries we have faced many trials and tribulations. Thankfully with G-d's help we have weathered the storm.

Now we are faced with a new threat, intermarriage and assimilation. Based on a recent Pew Study 61 percent of the Jewish people marrying in the United States are now intermarrying. For non-Orthodox Jews the intermarriage rate is 72%. Most of the children from these marriages are not being raised Jewish, infact only 28% of these children are being raised within the Jewish Religion. A lot of them are confused, they are faced with two conflicting religions and they are not sure where to turn, let alone what their identity is. Even worse only 18 percent of children of intermarriages are marrying within the fold. This spells a demographic disaster for the future of the Jewish People. Currently there are around 6 million Jews in the United states. Based on a Harvard Study if current trends continue by the year 2076 there may be less than a million Jews in the United States.

What can be done? For one we need to start marrying within our people and encouraging others to do so as well. We need to become advocates for our survival. Most importantly through education we need to foster a positive Jewish Identity in our fellow Jews. Judaism believes that all people were created in G-d's Image. We should always be tolerant and care about others, regardless of who they are. This is not about intolerance of other people, it is about survival. The Jewish People are less than .2% of the world's population and about 2 percent of the U.S. population. It is pretty obvious that if Jews keep intermarrying at the current rate that there will not be many of us left.

Some may ask why it is so important to maintain Judaism. Why should we remain Jewish. Besides the fact that we have obligations to G-d, Judaism is a treasure trove of wisdom and spirituality. The main document of Judaism the Torah is a tree of life for those who embrace it and a guide book on how to live our lives from the creator of everyone and everything, G-d. Over thousands of years sages, scholars, prophets and mystics have delved deep into the mysteries of the universe. Judaism answers questions like who we are, what is our purpose and even the meaning of life itself. This website was created to introduce you to these insights and connect you with your heritage. Browse the articles and connect with your spiritual essence. If you want to delve even deeper you can email us and we can connect you to a rabbi in your area. Are you ready to start your adventure? ...

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