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  Does Judaism believe in a messiah and a messianic era?

Does Judaism believe in a messiah?

12/31/2017 9:48:32 AM

Who is the Messiah
Judaism does believe in a Messiah. In Judaism we call him the Moshiach. The Moshiach is a righteous man that will lead us into a new age. The Moshiach is from the royal line of King David and will perform various feats. One will be ending the exile.

The Jewish people are currently in exile. Thousands of years ago the Romans conquered Judea, part of present day Israel. In spite of brave resistence by the Jewish People, during the siege of Jerusalem the Romans breached the walls and three weeks later after stiff resistence entered and destroyed the Temple. Why did G-d let this occur many people believe it was due to the sin of sensless hatred between Jews. After the destruction of the Temple the Jews were forced from their homeland into a state of exile. They were dispersed all over the world and put under the power of other nations. There they faced indescribable persecution and sometimes outright murder. Besides sins that might have brought this on there is a mystical belief that the dispersion was meant to allow the Jews to gather something called the sparks of creation in order to bring about the messianic era. For more on this please read the article "How did the universe come into existence". Before the exile of the Judeans the northern tribes sometimes referred to as the lost tribes were conquered by the assyrians and sent into exile. So part of the Moshiach's Job will be to gather all of the exiles including the lost tribes and bring them back to Israel.

One important point is even though modern day Israel exists we are still in exile. It will be only after the Moshiach rebuilds the Temple that the exile will end.

The Moshiach will also bring world peace, conquer illness, and eliminate poverty.

Some believe that prior to the Moshiach that comes from the line of King David, who is from the tribe of Judah, there will be a Moshiach from the tribe of Joseph. The Moshiach can come in two ways. Either in a peaceful way if the world has progressed to a moral state or if not during wars. If the latter occurs the Moshiach from the Tribe of Joseph will lead us in the final climatic battle between good and evil the battle of Gog and Magog. The Moshiach from the tribe of Joseph may die in this conflict and then the Moshiach from the line of David may come. Either way the Moshiach from the tribe of Judah will eventually reign as king under G-d's guidance of course and a new age will be born. An age where all people will knows the ways of G-d.

Eventually after all this the dead will be resurrected and world will enter a new state.

It is important to realize that in the Jewish Tradition we do not worship the Messiah. He is considered a man, a very righteous man but a man nonetheless.

When will this occur? Well there is a 6000 year deadline for the Moshiach to appear, athough he could come sooner. The 6000 years is based on 1 day being 1000 years for G-d, so just like we work 6 days and rest on the seventh the same applies here.

Are you ready for this new utopia?

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