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  A Cosmic Struggle

A Cosmic Struggle

12/31/2017 9:48:32 AM

Two Cosmic Forces
In previous articles we touched on the Matriachs and Patriachs. The first couple were Abraham and Sarah, then came Issac and Rebecca. From Issac and Rebecca came two twin sons Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau represent two conflicting spiritual forces one that chooses goodness and righteousness namely Jacob and Esau who must overcome his evil inclinations. Even in Rebeccas's womb before the boys were born there was an agitation and a struggle between the two boys. So much so that Rebecca asked G-d why her unborn children were fighting. G-d explains, "Two nations are in your womb, two separate peoples shall issue from your body; one people shall be mightier than the other, and the older shall serve the younger"

The two brothers represent two different nations. Jacob represents Israel, where as Esau represents Edom. These nations represent two different spirtual forces. Throughout the history of the world there has been a constant rivalry between the nations. When ones rises one falls. Israel will ultimately rise and stay there, but not without a struggle.

As the boys grew their differences quickly emerged. While Jacob was interested in spiritual matters, Esau was a man of the field interested in physical things. While there is nothing wrong with being interested in physical things, the physical must be led by the spiritual. King David for instance was a great warrior, unlike Esau however he used his skills morally. Esau did not value spiritual principles. So much so that Esau traded his spiritual birthright for a stew of lentils, giving it to Jacob.

Issac ultimately gives his spiritual birthright to Jacob, leaving Esau in a rage. So much so that Esau threatened to kill his brother. Jacob leaves his home to escape Esau's rage and goes off into the world to make his way. While journeying he stops to sleep and has his famous dream about the heavenly ladder.

The Ladder to Heaven
In his dream Jacob sees Angels ascending and descending on a ladder to Heaven. In it Jacob sees some of the nations that will conquer and send Israel in to exile in the future. He sees some of the Angels climbing up the ladder and then descending, representing their conquest of Israel and then their eventual decline and Israel's release from exile.

One Angel however continued to climb this was the guardian Angel of Esau's nation Edom. It disturbed Jacob greatly. This is the current exile we find ourselves in. While it seems never ending at some point it will end and this time there will be a permanent redemption.

From Edom would emerge the most evil of nations Amalek. During the holiday of Purim, Haman a descendant of Amalek conspired to murder all of the Jews of Persia. His plan is thwarted by G-d and Haman and his sons are hung. Amalek also appeared during the Exodus. While travelling the weaker Israelites often straggled behind the rest of the group. In an evil and cowardly way Amalek attacked the Israelites from behind, going after the people least able to defend themselves. It is important to note that after the Israelites left Egypt most of the nations of the world that had heard about the Exodus were afraid to attack them because they had heard of the miracles that G-d had performed. Not Amalek however which seemed to want to prove that G-d did not exist and that there was no divine plan for the world. This would become their reoccurring theme throughout history.

Without a G-d to believe in morality would then be left up to how people rationalize it. This is dangerous in that people can rationalize quite a bit. For instance, does society benefit by eliminating the weakest among us and letting the strong survive. That is what the Nazis believed in and obviously this notion is purely evil. Its important to realize that Amalek is more than a people, it represents a whole way of looking at the world. A spiritual outlook so to speak.

The Struggle Continues
Going back to our current topic, after his dream of the ladder Jacob eventually marries and has a family. While travelling with his family he hears that Esau is approaching with many armed men. Jacob takes the necessary military precautions, sends gifts to reconcile and then prays to G-d. During that night an Angel appeared to Jacob. Jacob and the Angel wrestled until dawn, when Jacob managed to restrain the Angel. Jacob forced the Angel to bless him and it is at that point that the Angel gave Jacob the name Israel, meaning one who wrestles with man and the divine and triumphs. The Angel was none other than the Guardian Angel of Esau, thus by defeating the Angel Jacob had already defeated Esau. Esau later arrives and without conflict the brothers go their separate ways.

Many years later Rome conquered Judea and destroyed the Temple causing us to go into exile, an exile that continues to this day. The Sages typically referred to Ancient Rome as Edom. Thus as foreseen by Jacob in his dream, the Edom Exile had begun. Eventually this exile will end with the appearance of the Messiah. (See article on Messiah)

Its important to note that Amalek is no longer a nation today and the descendants of Amalek are so deeply blended into the countries of the world that we no longer know who they are. However, some Rabbis today have speculated that the Nazi Leadership if not the physical manifestation, was certainly the spiritual manifestation of Amalek.

There are some similiarities. The Nazis did attack some people who were least able to defend themselves. The Nazis attacked the disabled, the infirmed, small children and even babies. Ultimately the Nazi regime was destroyed and just like Haman and his sons, some of the Nazi Leadership was hung. This occurred after the Nuremberg Trials. Infact, one of the Nazis who was there was quoted as saying derisively that the hanging was a Purimfest. A lot of the Nazi Leadership did not believe in G-d. It is clear by their words and actions that just like Amalek they tried to disprove not only the existence of G-d, but the belief that G-d acted in this world. If we believe them we let them win. Don't let them win. G-d does have a plan for this world and is actively acting upon it. While we don't fully understand G-d's plan, we can ultimately take comfort in the fact that good will triumph over evil.

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